Reading in a book, “Enhancing the Know-WHO”

Something useful I read,

How to #enhance your Know-WHO:

1⃣ Stay in contact with your old colleagues & mangers especially when your don’t need them for anything. Doing so is one way of “Staying One Step Ahead”. This id all about making an effort. While doing so, remember to:

🔘 Show genuine interest.
🔘 Listen.

2⃣ be active in professional organizations & take leadership role in those organizations.

3⃣ Use email to introduce yourself & communicate with those who work in your field.

4⃣ Be courteous at all times. For example, return phone calls. You wont earn many points by not returning phone calls. What goes around may come around.

“How to Think Like a CEO & Act Like a Leader by Michael F. Andrew. 2008

I wish those few words can improve your leadership skills.

Saleh Y. Al Ansari